An Introduction (May 6, 2010)

Hello in the beautiful name of Jesus!

By way of introduction, for those who do not know us, we are Bria, Lindsay, & Krista Blessing – 3 sisters who grew up loving and serving God together with our parents in Lviv, Ukraine. Our parents, Mark & Rhonda Blessing, head-up Blessing Ministry to Ukraine and have remained in Lviv to this day, doing the work that the Lord has asked them to do. We are so proud to be called their daughters! You can find out more about their amazing ministry at

A few years ago, God called us three girls out of Ukraine.  It broke our hearts to leave our parents and friends and the place that had become our home, but we followed Jesus, confident in the love and good plans He has for us. He brought Bria & Lindsay to Nashville, TN, and He’s taken Krista all over the globe – from Ukraine to Cyprus to Israel – and finally brought her to Nashville, as well. We weren’t sure how long this chapter of our lives would last, but we’ve tried to live each day loving God more, and serving Him well.

The beginning of 2010 brought with it a shift in each of our spirits. We didn’t know exactly what it meant, but we felt like our time in Nashville was coming to an end. After a lot of prayer on our parts, and our parents praying for us also, each one of us was individually convinced that God was saying to move back to Ukraine. But unlike before. when we were the “missionary kids”, He is now calling us there as missionaries, with our own visions and our own callings and our own works to do.

BRIA: Before moving to Nashville, God had opened up many opportunities in music for Bria in Lviv. She was becoming well-known as a jazz singer, which created open doors to share about the love of Jesus as she was having increasing opportunities to perform her own music. She believes that God still has more to do with her music in Ukraine, and is ready to take whatever steps He opens up for her. Also, while in Nashville, Bria has learned about human trafficking and God has broken her heart for the enslaved young women and children around the world who are being bought and sold for sex. She’s been very involved in Nashville, working with other abolitionists to end this modern-day slavery, and now God’s telling her to take that passion & work to Ukraine. A very large number of trafficked victims are taken out of Ukraine and Eastern Europe, yet the resistance in Ukraine is very small. Bria will be working to create awareness campaigns in Lviv, as well as going into schools to educate young girls about human trafficking and how to protect themselves, while also telling them about the love that God has for them.

LINDSAY: During her years in Ukraine, living at Bethel House (our parents’ ministry home), Lindsay found her greatest joy in helping Mom prepare for and host all the people that came through the doors. Dad & Mom have prayed for years, asking God to bring someone to partner with them in their ministry at Bethel House, since once the house is built the work will simply be too much for them. The Lord has given Lindsay a gift to serve and help others, and she always wistfully desired (a futile desire, she thought) to be one of the helpers called to serve at Bethel House. Now God has given her the desire of her heart, and she is delighted to serve Him at Bethel House, for however long the season may be. Dad & Mom also asked that she help them in writing a book about their journey with the Lord so far. This project has been on their hearts for many years, and they feel like now is the time to begin working on it. Lindsay loves writing, and is honored that Dad & Mom have asked her to help with this project. She’s looking forward to getting back to Ukraine, and getting started in these ministries!

KRISTA: For a number of years, Krista has felt a calling to minister to the Jewish people. Last year, while attending a 5-month Bible school with a focus on Jewish ministry, God gave her a burden to see reconciliation in Lviv between Jews and Gentiles. March of Life is a ministry that organizes walks that bring together Jews and Gentiles as a sign of unity. This Summer, March of Life is holding events in many Ukrainian cities, walking along paths significant to WWII, but there is not an event scheduled for Lviv. Krista is returning to Lviv in May to help our parents organize a March of Life to take place in August. Krista believes this move is just the first step in fulfilling her calling of reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles in Lviv and in the nations. In addition, Krista also desires to carry on the stories of those who lived during WWII. As the generation of survivors dwindles, it is imperative that we remember what they went through, in the hope of preventing it from ever happening again. In Ukraine, Krista plans to seek out any Jews and Gentiles willing to share their stories. And God willing, maybe even find open doors to stories outside of Ukraine. She will compile these stories out of respect for those who suffered and those who risked their lives.

Loving and serving God is such an adventure!…and He is so good!!! – not only has He shown each of us the next step in His plans for us, but He is calling us back to Ukraine together. We love seeing God call whole families into ministry together, and we’re so thankful to be one of those families – working side-by-side for His Kingdom and His glory. We love our amazing God with all of our hearts, and we are humbled and so excited to be going to Ukraine to make His love known in new ways!

Although it feels overwhelming, we know God is going to supply everything we need to live in Lviv and serve Him. We would treasure your prayers for us as we prepare to uproot and move to Ukraine, and as we get started in our new works to stop human trafficking, support the ministry at Bethel House, and reconcile Jews and Gentiles.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story. Please pass it along to your family, friends, church groups, and anyone else who might be interested. And to end, we’d like to bless you with one of our favorite blessings in God’s Word: May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you His favor and give you His peace.

All for Christ…
Bria, Lindsay, & Krista Blessing


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