Back in Ukraine

Hello, everyone!

First and foremost, we want to say thank you so much to everyone who has supported us – financially and prayerfully – as we have been going through this transition.  We are pretty sure we wouldn’t have made it without y’all!

Bria and Lindsay returned to Lviv on July 21st, re-joining the rest of the Blessing mission team (i.e., Krista and our parents)!  Wrapping everything up in Nashville didn’t go as smoothly as they’d planned, but it was a time of learning to trust the Lord, even when things don’t go as expected…a lesson that will come in handy, and undoubtedly be repeated many times in the future!  We are amazed at how easy it is for us to fall back into ungodly beliefs that tell us as long as we’re following the Lord and obeying His will for us, everything will be smooth as silk.  On the contrary, He made it clear in His Word that things would not always be easy when we obey Him, but no matter what, He will ALWAYS be with us.  We hope we will always be mindful of this as we go through difficult times and that we will always find our rest in the Lord.

Our Father has been so gracious towards Bria & Lindsay as they have been settling back into Lviv.  The effects of jet lag were minimal and they have been enjoying time with family & friends, and jumped right in to help with construction on Bethel House.  The current project that all 3 of us are working on is staining and varnishing thousands of wooden boards that will go on the ceiling of the 3rd floor, which is where us 3 girls will have our rooms.  It is so exciting to be getting our hands dirty, being a physical part of Bethel House being built.  The only downfall is that it builds our anticipation so much to see it completed, that it’s almost unbearable to have to wait! 🙂  Please pray that the work will continue to progress quickly and the ministry of Bethel House will soon begin.

Bria hit the ground running in Lviv, with her first return jazz concert taking place just 3 days after she got back!  It was an outdoor concert, and the weather and the reception of the audience couldn’t have been more wonderful.  She’s been putting up some videos of the show on her YouTube channel, which you can check out at  Now, she is taking a few weeks to enjoy settling back in with the family and helping with the work on Bethel House before focusing on her ministry against human trafficking.  She has already begun her research of human trafficking in Ukraine, and the statistics are even more staggering than she’d anticipated!  Within the next month, she’ll be working on finding out who is already combating slavery in Ukraine, where they are, what they’re doing, and how she might be able to partner with them; as well as determining what, if any, other areas of work need to be started up.  Please pray that God will open up the right doors at the right times, and that she will have the wisdom to discern which steps she should take and which people she should work with.  And most of all, please pray for the end of human trafficking – in Ukraine and around the world!

Lindsay has been immensely enjoying all the work on Bethel House.  The current work is focusing on the part of the house that will be occupied by our family.  We are hoping to have our rooms completed soon, so that we can move in and finish the work on all the guest rooms.  The work has been progressing well so far and it is very exciting to see everything take shape.  Please pray with us that the Lord will provide for the work to continue progressing quickly, that Bethel House will be completed soon!

Krista has been working on the March of Life, which is coming up this weekend.  It is all coming together very well and we are praying now for a big turnout.  Everything starts Friday night, when there will be an informational meeting with 11 Germans from the church that began the March of Life ministry, and also a WWII historian who focuses on what took place in Lviv during that time.  Saturday morning, people will meet at a monument, which stands at the site of the former Jewish ghetto, and walk 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) to the site of the concentration camp, where there will be additional speakers, including a local Jewish man who survived living in a concentration camp during the Holocaust.  Finally, to close out the march on Saturday evening, some of the local churches will gather for a joyful service to celebrate life. Please pray that many will participate in this event to show support and love for Israel and the Jewish people.

Again, thank you so much for your support and prayers; we treasure them greatly and ask the Lord to pour out His blessings on each of you as you walk in the path He has laid out for you.

In His love…
Bria, Lindsay, and Krista Blessing


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