Going to the Chapel

On Saturday, we went to the wedding of one of our dearest and longest friends in Lviv.  We’ve known Inna for 14 years, and we were so thankful that the Lord brought us back to Lviv in-time for her wedding day!  She was the most beautiful bride we have ever seen!

Lindsay & Inna have been best friends since they met in 1996.  Lindsay was honored to serve in the wedding as one of Inna’s bridesmaids!

In Ukraine, the bride’s father removes the veil before giving her to the groom.

Wedding rings are worn on the right hand in Ukraine.

Lindsay cried.  A lot.  🙂

Our dad officiated the wedding ceremony.  Here, he’s praying a blessing over them as they stand on a traditional Ukrainian wedding prayer cloth.

The new Mr. & Mrs. Tychenko!

The Blessing Family with the Tychenko Family.

To begin a Ukrainian wedding reception, the wedding party comes in and honors the couple’s parents by bowing 3 times in front of them.

The newlyweds’ parents congratulate them with korovai, salt, and champagne.  The korovai is a beautiful, traditional Ukrainian wedding bread that symbolizes community.

Inna & Yura shared their first dance to Steven Curtis Chapman’s I Will Be Here.

The entire day was beautiful and romantic!  Please say a prayer for Inna & Yura as they begin their new life together.


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