Speedy Gonzales!

I don’t know if God has ever been affectionately referred to by that nickname before, and I would never presume to change the Lord’s name to Gonzales, but He is definitely speedy!  🙂

Just last night I received an email from a friend.  One of his friends had mentioned to him about a conference taking place in Moldova at the end of September for anyone in Europe working to end human trafficking, and he immediately sent me the link about it.  As soon as I read about the conference, I was so excited, and wanted so badly to be able to go and learn more about human trafficking in Europe from those who are directly involved in stopping it, and make contacts and hopefully friendships with other abolitionists.  But, of course as is always the “problem” (for me, anyway; not for God), the conference costs money.  They said on the site that there are limited scholarships available for people who want to attend, and that they didn’t want money to stand in anyone’s way, but I never want to be the one to take a scholarship and then someone else is possibly left without one.  So, I just started praying that the Lord, knowing how much I want to go to this conference, would provide all of the money I need if His plan for me and my ministry involves me going.

So then, this morning in church, I let my church family know of this opportunity and asked them to be praying that God would provide for me financially if He wants me there.  There was a couple visiting this morning from New Jersey, and after the service was over they approached me with $50 and said that they wanted to help a little to send me to the conference!  I definitely felt like that was the Lord’s confirmation that He wants me to go, so even though I still have a long way to go to cover travel & conference costs, I believe that He sent that $50 as a kind of seed money – that I can confidently make arrangements to go, and know that He will supply the rest!

My God is so amazing and, well, Speedy Gonzales ain’t got nothing on Him!  Haha!

I would be so thankful if you will add this conference to your prayers, and pray expectantly with me that God will supply all of my needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus!


All because of Jesus


2 thoughts on “Speedy Gonzales!

  1. SO excited about this. A bunch of people from International Teams are going that I really want you to meet. Please look for Mathilde Companjen. She’s a lovely Dutch woman, the regional European leader, and you will love her. She can introduce you to the rest of the gang– including several from Bulgaria starting to do anti-slavery work there.


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