Update from Lindsay

Hello, everyone!

Just wanted to catch you up on what has been going on with me.  I am so happy to be here in Ukraine with my family, so thankful for the things God has called me to, and so excited to see what He has on the road ahead.

I have been helping Mom & Dad with the work on Bethel House and other things around the house and day-to-day life.  The project in Bethel House that I work the most on, along with my sisters, is putting up ceiling boards on the third floor.  I was a little intimidated at first, but have learned to enjoy using a power saw and nail gun! 🙂  At the moment, we have reached the point where we can’t continue without bringing on some major neck pain, so we’re trying to work out the best way to elevate ourselves, so we can continue upward.  However, this is kind of low on the priority list as the rooms on the second floor are constantly being worked on, and need to get completed asap, so that our family can move into them and out of the structure we’ve been living in (the original structure that was bought 7 years ago), so that the roof can be replaced.

I have also helped my parents in starting a blog site for them, so that they can keep people regularly updated on Bethel House construction and the other ministries happening.  Feel free to visit at www.blessingministry.wordpress.com As construction progresses so quickly, I am currently updating that weekly with lots of pictures on how things are coming together at Bethel House.

Finally, I have also found ways that I can serve the church my parents pastor, Living Word Church.  I have been running PowerPoint many Sundays for worship and have also volunteered to be a Sunday School teacher.  Tomorrow will be my first Sunday teaching (yes, in Ukrainian!), so your prayers would be appreciated.  Thankfully, children understand my very poor grammar much easier than adults! 🙂  I am very excited to be serving in this capacity, especially as the children’s minsitry begins to re-launch with a new vision and focus to be more effective in leading children into having a personal encounter with Jesus.  I look forward to watching, and being a part of, what God will be doing in this children’s ministry.

Thank you so much for remembering my sisters and me in your prayers.  Please continue to pray that I will have strength and focus as I serve here, being ever mindful of the callings God has placed on me.

All for Him,


4 thoughts on “Update from Lindsay

  1. Lindsey,

    I am glad to hear that you are doing well and enjoying being back in Ukraine. Thanks for keeping us posted on how things are going!

    With love,

    Hannah Venable

    • Yes it has, Beka! I was actually going through all the pictures, picking some out for my parent’s blog, and found one with a couple of people standing on the back balcony (that’s now gone!). I was squinting trying to figure out who it was, and finally realized it was you & me! I had forgotten until then that y’all were here after construction had started. What a wonderful time we had with you guys!

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