Calling All Prayer Warriors

We really need the body of Christ to join with us in prayer right now.  Our visa situation is still not resolved and while this might not be a big deal normally, Bria & Lindsay are stuck in limbo in Poland and each day is a mystery.  They have been staying with some dear friends for a week, who could only host them for that long.  So, tomorrow (on Wednesday), they will have to go to another Polish city to receive the hospitality of some distant acquaintances for as long as this couple is able to have them.

In the meantime, the Religious Affairs government offices in Ukraine have been on an endless power trip, delaying and putting us off until the last minute, when they tell us they are denying our request.  We have been trying to work with the Religious Affairs office in both Kyiv (the capital) and L’viv, both to no avail.  At one point, the deacon from our church who has been working on this for us, spoke to the head of Religious Affairs in Kyiv, asking why the request was being denied.  This man basically told him that he did not have to give any explanation; he was the head of the office and he could do whatever he wanted!  As of right now, the deacon is planning on speaking to a lawyer tomorrow and possibly going to the Religious Affairs office in L’viv to speak with them with a lawyer present.

The key word for us living in Ukraine has always been ‘flexibility’.  We are used to dealing with hassles and problems.  However, this situation may be a new level on the scale of preposterous situations that should never even be a big deal to begin with.

As Bria & Lindsay wait it out in Poland, facing a very uncertain tomorrow, we are asking you to please commit this to your daily prayers.  May we see the Lord not just change the situation, but turn it around completely, that we would not just receive visas, but maximum term visas!  We are asking God to intervene and move in the hearts of these officials and, in the meantime, trying hard to focus on praise, and rest in His grace and sovereignty.

We appreciate your prayers and support so much.  We pray the Lord blesses you abundantly in every area of your life.

In Him,
Bria, Lindsay, and Krista


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