Do not worry about tomorrow

This is a lesson we have been learning (again!) and trying to live by for the last couple of weeks.  We were especially tested in this on Wednesday, as Bria & Lindsay had to leave Warsaw and were driving to Krakow, Poland, having arranged a place to stay for one night and having no idea where they would go after that.  Arriving in Krakow, they were introduced to their hostess, Dorota, a beautiful Polish sister in Christ.  And then, before we even knew what was happening, God began to turn things around.

After getting settled-in for the night, Bria & Lindsay began trying to find a cheap hostel where they could safely stay starting the next night.  They had pretty much settled on one hostel, when their hostess came to them and said that she would be going out of town for the weekend and they were welcome to stay in her apartment through Nov. 1!  Hallelujah!!!!

After this news came, the whole family was talking on Skype and Bria & Lindsay found out what had been happening in Lviv that day.  Our church deacon had gone back to Religious Affairs and calmly asked what we needed to do in order to get our invitation letter approved.  And completely unexpectedly, they answered that they had decided to approve the letter for 1-year visas and it would be ready the next day (Thursday) or Friday.  Praise the Lord!  We were still fervently praying, though, since the last time was still fresh in our memories – when they told us they would do something and then changed their minds!  However, Thursday morning, the approved letter was picked up from Religious Affairs.  Thank You, Lord!

So, Dad, Mom, & Krista will come to Krakow on Monday (Nov. 1 – the day Bria & Lindsay will have to leave the apartment they are staying in!) and the family will be reunited once again.  (“Reunited and it feels so good…“)  We will go to the Ukrainian embassy with documents in-hand and apply for our visas on Tuesday, and God-willing, walk out of the embassy the same day with said-visas in our passports!

In the meantime, the Lord has blessed Bria & Lindsay above and beyond what they could have ever asked for or even imagined; the apartment they are staying in is a beautiful penthouse apartment in a 6-story building near the center of Krakow.  The views are amazing (rooftops, church spires, mountains, and even a CASTLE!) and they are within walking distance of some of our favorite places in one of our favorite European cities.  Amazing, God!

While we still do not see the full extent of God’s intentions for this whole adventure, we trust that, as the Lord brings this time to a close, He has accomplished those purposes.  Bria & Lindsay are so excited to get back to Lviv and resume the works God has called them to.

Thank you so much for your prayers; we cannot tell you how much we value them.  Please continue to pray for us as we apply for our visas next week, that they will be quickly issued and with NO hassles.

In the faithful hand of God,
Bria, Lindsay, & Krista


3 thoughts on “Do not worry about tomorrow

    • Thanks, Beka! We don’t quite have the visas quite yet (we’ll be applying for them on Tuesday), but we’re one big step closer! Glad you’ve enjoyed the pics – you & Jason should probably start planning a trip back to Krakow soon, and since you’ll be so close, you can just hop over to Lviv, as well. 🙂

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