Other Happenings

'70s party a few weeks ago. We talked about how true freedom comes from Christ - not communism or the hippie movement.

In other news, another new endeavor for us has been taking on the youth ministry at our church, Living Word.  Our parents turned it over to us at the beginning of the year, and we’ve been enjoying hanging out with the youth/young adults at our church!  Lindsay does most of the teaching (with Bria or Krista teaching on occasion, if God has put something on their hearts), Bria leads the music, and Krista plans games and group events.  Right now the group is quite small, but we are enjoying the more relaxed and intimate atmosphere that provides.  Also, with a small group, we are able to go out and have youth meeting at pizza cafes about once a month – which the youth love.  We have been seeing spiritual growth in the youth lately and also more of a hunger for God and righteous/passionate living.  So, weather permitting, we are beginning to go out into the city on weekends with our instruments and sing together, while the artistic youth draw pictures, and reach out to those around us.  We really just want to go out, be ourselves, shine our light, and seek out those who are curious and hungry.  We want to break out of our 4 walls and reach the hundreds of youth that walk by us every day.  Our church is very close to the main University of Lviv, which has a beautiful park in front of it, so we are planning to go there and into the center of town, and hopefully draw the attention of the students who hang out there.  This past Sunday was our first time to go out, and while we didn’t get the chance to talk with anyone, it was a good first step to get comfortable singing and praising our God in public.  A couple of people walked by while looking at us curiously, so hopefully we will be able to start some conversations soon!

A couple of week ago, when spring arrived and the weather was gorgeous, we decided to move our meeting outside and have it in the park.  We found a nice area at the top of a hill, and began to sing up there.  While we were there, there was also a group of about 9 teens up there.  It broke our hearts to watch as one of them pulled out cigarettes and beer, and the others rushed over as though they were starved.  Their lives seemed so empty.  The girls seemed so hungry for love, and we could only imagine how many times their hearts have been broken in their search.  Unfortunately, the door did not open that night to reach out to that group, but we are hoping we might see them again.  Seeing those teens just reinforced to us how many in our own generation are hurting and need someone to show them God’s love.

Also, Krista is planning to start an English game night once a week for youth who want to come and practice their English.  It would just be a very informal time with lots of board games set up and different Americans who would come to just speak and fellowship with the youth.  One of the hopes in doing this would be to invite youth we meet on Sundays when we go into the city, so that if they didn’t feel comfortable coming to a church youth meeting, they might feel more comfortable coming to a game night where they can practice their English….and then in time come to youth meetings.  We’re not sure when the best time would be to start these meetings, since during the summer many of the youth leave to either go home or on vacation.  But, it will either start this summer or first thing in the fall.

Please pray with us as we minister to the youth in our church, and begin to go out as a group to minister to the other youth

Worship in the park after church.

in this city.  Pray for good weather on the weekends – as a number of times we have wanted to go out, it has rained.  Pray that we would all be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading and for boldness to speak to people.

Thank you again for your prayer and financial support! We couldn’t do all of these things without you!

With thankful hearts,
Bria, Lindsay, and Krista


2 thoughts on “Other Happenings

  1. I’ll pray that the rain heads our way. 😉 we could use a little. I’m so proud of you ladies and what God is doing in your lives. Walk in His light

    • It looks like we could all use rain, Mrs. Holeton! The rain we’re getting is just enough to be an annoyance – not enough for what we should be getting, but always falling at the most inopportune times! 🙂 Ce la vie! Thank you so much for your constant prayers, encouragement, and support; we love and appreciate you!

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