Gardening & Guests

As Krista said so well recently – whoever wrote the old jazz standard “Summertime” didn’t have a garden!  We definitely would not call hours spent working in the garden under the hot sun “easy living”!  With the coming of spring, the 3 of us were looking forward to helping Mom with a small family garden, but then she started talking about the possibility of massive gardening!  We did our best to talk her out of it, and were almost successful, but then God told her He was the One leading her to do massive gardening, so we ended the debate! 🙂  We have a small garden at the house, and also a large plot that is about a 5-minute walk from the house.  We have actually found ourselves enjoying all the work in the garden, although it gets a little harder as the

All 3 of us out in the beginning stages of the garden

temperatures continue to rise!  We are growing lettuce, green beans, spinach, peas, corn, pumpkins, melons, broccoli, carrots, beets, bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, cilantro, and basil.  It takes a lot of work and a lot of time, but we are thankful to be able to bless our parents in this way, and some of our favorite times with Mom are spent working side-by-side in the garden.  It’s always thrilling to see the little plants start coming up and rapidly get bigger and bigger; we’re excited to see the plans God has for the harvest!  Please join us in praying God’s blessings on all our work, and that we will have an abundant harvest.  Many gardens here are starting to struggle due to lack of rain, but as God reminded us early on through Leviticus 25:4-5, 20-22, He controls all of nature and He can cause things to go contrary to the laws of nature at any time!

This week is already turning out to be full of surprises.  Sunday evening, we sent Dad & Mom off for an overnight anniversary getaway, locked the front gate, and settled in for a quiet, relaxing, girls’ night at home.  Then, we got a call from Dad.  Two different neighbors had called to inform him that there were 2 German vans outside our house and a group of men trying to get in the gate.  We went outside to find Jeremias, a dear German friend, with one of his many groups that he brings to Ukraine on mission trips.  This time, he had 4 other Germans with him and 2 Ukrainians (5 men & 1 woman).  They had been on their way from Rivne, a town northeast of us, to Uzhgorod, a town southwest of us, when Jeremias felt the Lord lead him to make time for a stop at our house.  Mom has always been an incredible, welcoming hostess, and upon this group’s arrival, our years of watching her and helping her, immediately began to show their effect on us.  We quickly straightened things up, pulled out any snacks we could find, and sat down for a short visit, as they planned to only stay a few hours before continuing on their journey.  Eventually, they decided to go buy some food, and we all pitched in and made a little dinner.  A couple of hours later, after chatting and singing, it was after midnight and we suggested they simply stay the night.  We didn’t have enough beds for everybody, but we pulled out floor matresses, sleeping bags, etc., and found a place for everybody to sleep comfortably, so after a wonderful prayer time together, we all went to bed.  They decided to get back on the road at 8:30 in the morning, so we made sure they had a good breakfast, and while everyone ate, we started talking…and singing…and praying…  Finally, at 11:30, they said they really had to get going! 🙂  What an incredible blessing it was to have an evening-night-morning nothing like we had planned!  They blessed us in so many ways, and we pray we were as great of a blessing to them.  During our time together, Jeremias jokingly said that we should all just get in the vans with them and join them in Uzhgorod.  We laughed, but then he said he was actually serious and we should each consider it.  Krista immediately felt a stirring in her spirit that she should indeed go with them.  After making sure Jeremias was really being serious (he can be quite the jokester!), she packed up a few things, grabbed a sleeping bag, and headed off with them for 4 days in Uzhgorod.  Who knows what God will have in store while she’s there?!  She will be sure to post an update here when she gets back to tell you all about it.