A Summer Camp & Financial Needs

Back in June, we had a great opportunity to help a fellow missionary here with a camp she did at a local orphanage, where she regularly goes to work with the kids throughout the school year.  For 4 hours on a Tuesday and Thursday, we got to hang out and lavish some Jesus love on about 40 kids.  These kids aren’t technically “orphans”, as they have parents, but they either can not, or don’t want to, care for their kids.  So, the kids are left at this orphanage, and the parents just pop in and out of their lives, as they please.  Lack of structure, lack of discipline, and lack of love create a group of very unruly kids!  They were so excited, though, to have our team of about 15, show up just to spend the day and play with them.  Krista was the photographer, which meant she was always behind the camera, but it also meant she could freely roam throughout the area and interact with a lot of the kids.  Bria & Lindsay were each a group leader and would take their groups of 10 or so kids between all of the stations, playing frisbee, football, baseball, listening to Bible stories, and singing.  

It was such a blessing to spend time with these kids, and see their joy and willingness to love, all in spite of their difficult life circumstances.  Please pray for our friend, Robin, as she continues her relationship with these kids, that they would each understand the love God has for them and find salvation in Him.

We would like to ask you to pray about how God might have you partner with us financially as we serve here.  We try to do what we can to make some money here and there, but our main source of income is still through the faithfulness of people like you giving as God leads.  At the moment, there are 2 main areas of need:

1. Monthly Support.  We are so grateful for how the Lord has blessed us with serving during this season in the same place as our parents, living under the same roof with them.  This means our monthly financial needs are very minimal, but we do still have expenses that need to be covered.  Our Father has faithfully provided for our needs month-to-month, but we are still about $180/mo. short of our minimum monthly needs.  Please pray and see if the Lord would have you partner with us monthly.

2. It is that time of year again!  Our 1-year visas will be expiring at the end of October and it is time for us to start doing the necessary things to renew them.  Right before we renew them, there are new visa laws that will be going into effect.  It remains to be seen whether these laws will make it easier or more difficult for us to obtain visas, but one thing is clear – the cost!  Visas are $200 each, for a grand total of $600 for the 3 of us, not including travel expenses to go get them!  Please pray and ask God if He would have you help cover this need, and also begin to pray for open doors and a smooth path in being granted visas.

If you would like to help in either of these areas, a tax-deductible donation can be made by mailing a check made out to “Blessing Ministry to Ukraine” (please attach a note to the check, indicating the donation is for Blessing Girls, but DO NOT put our names on the check) to

Blessing Ministry to Ukraine
P.O. Box 1944
Stafford, TX    77497-1944

Donations can also be made online through Blessing Ministry’s blog site at http://blessingministry.wordpress.com/support-2/ (for first-time donations through paypal, please send us an e-mail at blessinggirls@gmail.com, informing us that the donation you have made is meant for us).

Thank you for your friendship, love, and support; we appreciate you and thank God for you.  May the Lord make His face shine upon you and give you peace.

All for Him,
Bria, Lindsay, & Krista


4 thoughts on “A Summer Camp & Financial Needs

  1. Always love to hear what you are doing… and you are always doing so much, giving so much, loving on people and letting Jesus live through you in practicle ways.
    I have no doubt that you make the heart of God glad!

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