Nashville Friends

3 weeks ago, we had the fabulous joy of welcoming our first friends from Nashville to our lovely city!  We met Joe & Lynn (and some of their kids and grandkids) during our time in Nashville and immediately connected over their experiences in Ukraine.  They have been coming here on summer trips for many years, working with their friend, Archie, and her husband in eastern Ukraine.  This summer, they were able to take a nice, long trip, and decided to take a weekend with Archie to come to Lviv.  We had an amazing 2 days spent together, catching up, laughing, and showing off our city.  Even though for us, we were still at home, it was so refreshing and felt like a little mini-vacation, to have even just those 2 days relaxing with friends.  When the time came for them to leave, we enjoyed a sweet time of prayer together and reluctantly said good-bye.  So, just a reminder to all our friends around the world – you are always welcome here and we would LOVE to have you for a visit.

With Joe, Lynn, and Archie, having lunch at a local pizzeria


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