Week 2 update…outreach destination

Week 2 was great! This past week we had deliverance class all week. Learning about deliverance, and also going through deliverance. I think the thing I liked the most was that they continually reminded us that deliverance isn’t about demons or strongholds, it’s about the Holy Spirit bringing freedom; it’s about God’s love for us and desire for us to be free. It was a great class and I’m so thankful to have gone through it.

Today was our ‘local outreach’ day. This week I got to go work on the land that the ministry owns. They have 3 cabins they’ve built on the land, which is where the first year guy students live. Part of the land is a vineyard, they have olive trees, and also bees. It was my first time to really see the land, and I loved seeing all that they’ve already done, and hearing about what they dream for the future. I’m so glad I got to work there today as we pruned grapevines and planted olive trees. As a second year student, I feel so much more connected to the community, to the ministry, and to the vision for the Island. I am so blessed and honored to be back and to be a part of the community again.

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to go to a nearby city and hear the “Vicar of Baghdad”, Andrew White, speak. He is an Anglican Priest who moved to Baghdad in 2005. He has an amazing ministry in Iraq – they feed about 4000 widows and orphans each week and see frequent healings and resurrections. He then came here to the school this morning to teach us, which was an unexpected blessing. We had a great time with him, and it was so interesting to hear of his life and ministry in Baghdad.

Last week, we also received the announcement about our destination for outreach…….and we’ll be going to Ethiopia!!!! I am so excited and can’t believe that I’ll be going there for the second time! We went to Ethiopia during my first year here, and they haven’t been since then. I definitely see God connecting my first year and my second year here – with the similar themes, as well as the same outreach destination. He is so good and so faithful, and I love living my life with Him.

I feel so blessed for every minute I get to spend here, and feel like God is going to take me much deeper with Him in the coming months, prepare me for ministry more than I’ve even expected, and open my eyes to new revelations. Already, I feel like I’ve grown in the 2 weeks I’ve been here. He is teaching me more and more about the importance of being daily filled with His Spirit, walking close to Him, and being in constant fellowship with Him. I know that those things will be vital for being in ministry, not to mention just living the Christian life. It’s hard to put into words what He is doing in me, but there is definite change taking place inside of me. I will try to put it more into words for next weeks blog. Also, I will definitely have pictures next week! I had some to post with this blog, but forgot my camera. Sorry! But, there’s plenty of pictures on the school blog – www.gatewaysbeyond.org/gts2012.

As always, thank you so much for your prayers and support. I treasure all of them! I do still have a balance to pay, and if you would like to help me complete this season, please see the ‘about’ page here on the blog for donation options.

Blessings to all of you!!



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