Over Hurdle #1!

Lindsay here.

Praise the Lord – today, we received the last document we need to get visas!  As it turned out, Dad & Mom had a legal way to stay in Ukraine a little longer, but there was no option for Bria & I, except to come to Poland, which is where we have been for almost a week.  It has been really cold, but we’ve been having a blessed time of spiritual & physical rest & renewal.

Dad & Mom are getting on a train tonight to come here and we will go first thing in the morning to submit all our documents for new visas.  Please pray the the request would be approved & the visas issued in a day, with no further hassles.  We are anxious & ready to get back to L’viv and continue in the ministries God has called us to.

We appreciate your prayers & support more than words can say!  We could not be here without you.  May you have a blessed Valentine’s, celebrating the people God has placed in your life to love, and be loved by.

We love each of you & thank God for you!



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