Girl Time (from Lindsay)

7 young women under the age of 30.  Each born with a calling & purpose – a good plan the Lord has for them to give them hope & a future.  These are the young women of our church here, Living Word, and we have a great burden to see them step into all the Lord has for them.  The idea was born to create a young women’s group that will gather twice a month with the purpose of encouraging, challenging, and edifying one another.

Every other Saturday, Bria & I will get together with as many of these ladies as want to come at different places around town – coffeeshops, cafes, malls, parks (when it’s warmer!) – to spend time together, laugh together, cry together, pray together.  We hope to sometimes do Bible studies together, as we are able to find ones in the Ukrainian language. It was a great encouragement to see the excitement in the eyes of some of the girls as we invited them to be a part of this group.

We know that some of these girls have very little money, being students or working jobs where they might make as little as $4 a day.  We want these times together to be something they look forward to, where they know they can go out and have an enjoyable time with their sisters in Christ, growing in their faith through it.  So, the decision was made that at each outing, we would give each young woman a small amount of money, so that everyone is able to buy something to eat or drink.  Our church has graciously agreed to give us a small monthly budget that will help cover that cost, but not fully.  We would also like to invite you to be a part of this dream of seeing these young Ukrainian women step into their Godly destiny, by helping us cover the financial costs of this ministry (we especially need people who will make a monthly financial commitment to this ministry; one-time gifts, though, are also helpful).  You can make a donation by mailing a check, made out to “Blessing Ministry to Ukraine” (with a separate note attached, indicating it is for the young women’s group) to

Blessing Ministry to Ukraine
PO Box 1944
Stafford, TX   77497-1944

You can also make a donation through paypal by clicking the “Make a Donation” link found on Blessing Ministry to Ukraine’s webpage, and send us an e-mail at to let us know your donation is for the young women’s group.  The minimum we need for this ministry to be fully funded right now is $15/mo.  Any leftover finances each month will be saved up for special activities, trips, and birthday celebrations.

We are getting together for the first time this Saturday for a breakfast meeting.  Please keep this group of young women in your prayers; pray that they will make this group a priority, pray that they will have a heart to seek the Lord with all that is in them, pray that they will grow in the Lord & in relationship with each other, and pray that they will step into all the things their Father has for them.


4 thoughts on “Girl Time (from Lindsay)

  1. The young and old women in our home will be pleased to help and pray for your wonderful ministry to these ladies. God bless you all abundandtly for serving those who need the “Blessings”. What a perfect last name for you all.
    joyfilled in TN

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging note. Being a missionary gives a whole new beautiful perspective to the body of Christ. Those who pray, those who support, those who go,…none of us could do what we do without the other. What an awesome God we serve! Blessings to you!

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