4 Weeks Gone By…

Four weeks of school have already come and gone. This year has been so much fuller than my first year (and from what I’ve heard, more so than last year as well). The past 2 weekends we have gone to town for different church services, had numerous guests at the school – both planned and unplanned – and just received so much from God already. We all feel a stirring in our spirits and are so expectant for all that God has for this year. Just today, we had an unexpected visit from one of the top soccer players in Cyprus. He is a Brazilian, but is currently playing with one of Cyprus’ teams. Our school leader met him at the worship night last weekend, and he said he wanted to come and visit our school. He and his family came today, and he shared his testimony. It was so special to meet them, and to see their heart for God and ministry. They moved here not only because of his soccer contract, but because they felt God leading them here to start a church. Since moving here, they have started the church, but have felt very alone. It was such a God appointment to meet them! We were able to be encouraged by his testimony, encourage them in return, and form a relationship that will provide continual encouragement to them and their ministry.

I feel like God is doing so much in me this year. He is so gently shaping me and leading me into being the person He created me to be. Recently, one of the students was cracking almonds and he learned that you can’t just smash the shell off with the hammer, you have to

The bench

gently tap it or else you will smash the almond. That is how I see Him changing me this year, gently tapping and chipping away all that is not of Him. On Saturday I went on a walk by myself. There isn’t much time or space here to be alone (this definitely isn’t a season of ‘solitude’), but I felt like I really needed to just get some alone time with God. The villages here have a lot of randomly placed benches on the side of the road, and I came across one that has now become my spot. As I wrote in my journal and reflected on the past few weeks, God began to show me more areas where I am lacking Him. I’ve realized lately that I criticize myself quite a bit, and God spoke to me saying, “I’m not just a creator, I’m the perfect creator. Everything I make is perfect and just the way I want it.” So, even if I don’t criticize myself physically, criticizing my likes or my tastes is still saying He created me wrong. He created me with my own character, my own likes and tastes, and He created me perfectly, just the way He wants me. I feel like with each week here, I’m discovering more and more of who I’m supposed to be, and who He created me to be. It’s so freeing, so fun, and such a beautiful process.

Next Monday we will be leaving for Israel. I am so excited about this trip. I am looking forward to connecting with different people and ministries there, serving them and blessing them. All of us second year students are really looking forward to having a month together, getting to know each other better, and serving along side each other.

This whole journey of coming back to GTS has been so amazing. Having all of my tuition paid is such a miracle, and it has been such a testimony to the faithfulness of God. I realized this past week that it hasn’t even been quite 3 months since I started fund-raising, and already God has provided 90% of the needed funds (only $1000 left to pay the school)!!! Every time God takes me into a new season of fund-raising, I am so humbled and blessed by those who support me and stand with me. Your support is not something I take lightly. I know that the money you have is money you have worked for, and I am so grateful that you would give to help enable me to follow where God is leading. I don’t always understand His ways, but I know that because of your support, you share a blessing in what God is doing. The lives that will be touched in Israel, in Ethiopia, and in the future ministry God leads me to, are because of your support.

With gratefulness and expectancy for the future,


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