Lessons in Worship

“Let’s give God an experience.” That’s how our worship began on Saturday night. What a thought! How often do we go to church, a worship event, a conference, etc. and talk about what a great experience it was for us? But what if we started making it an experience for God also, not just for ourselves? Saturday night was a reminder for me that, it’s not about me, it’s about Him. He is wanting to encounter me just as much as I am wanting to encounter Him (actually, He desires it more than I do). That seems to have been the theme in my worship this week – how our worship moves and affects God. One morning this past week we read Psalm 18. It is an amazing Psalm! David cried out to God when He was in trouble, God heard his cry, and it goes on to describe what happened when God responded. It’s some pretty intense stuff that happened! There were no scriptural basis for the things that David described, but he had an intimate relationship with God, and His descriptions came out of that. As we began to sing, I began to think of what happens when we worship God, and my own psalm was birthed. Ever since we had to write a psalm during the first week of school I’ve tried to write one every week. For now they are still quite short, but it’s something I’m growing to love more and more.

Psalm 4
My heart was overcome by Your love.
As I opened my mouth to praise You,
You grabbed the nearest angel, pointed towards me and said, “Watch this!”
As I began to sing my love to You, You began to spin around.
I started to dance, and You started to shout. “She’s mine. She’s mine!”
As You spin over me and I dance for You, Our dance becomes one.
You no longer just spin over me, You dance with me.
My heart is overcome by Your love.

In writing that, I felt like God was revealing to me just how strong our worship is. While writing it, I had this picture in my head of us singing and dancing before God, and He literally stood up, and came down off His throne to dance with us. How amazing is that?! Our worship can move God, the King of the Universe, to come down and dance with us. Wow. That’s how much our God loves us and how much our worship means to Him.

Tomorrow we leave for Israel. Please keep our team in your prayers as we travel and serve there. I am really looking forward to this next month and can’t wait to see what God has in store. I won’t be able to write updates on the trip, but you can keep up with what’s going on by checking out the school blog – http://www.gatewaysbeyond.org/gts2012.



4 thoughts on “Lessons in Worship

  1. Loved this blog Krista….. lessons in Worship, Thank you for sharing with us. Intimate worship what a beautiful experience to share with our Bridegroom King.
    Praying for all you girls!

    • This is Lindsay. Thank you for the encouraging comment you left on Krista’s post! I know I am being so encouraged and challenged personally through all that God is doing in Krista right now; what a good God He is! I’m looking forward to hearing about her time in Israel! Thank you so much for your prayers and support; you are much appreciated and we thank God for you and pray His blessings on you!

  2. I believe we ‘touch’ a special place in the Father’s heart when we worship Him with unabandoned praise and worship through song. I appreciate how you share the psalms that you have been writing. Blessings to you and the family! Laurell

    • Hi, Laurell! This is Lindsay. Thanks for your comment on Krista’s post. I agree with you completely that there is something so special and powerful about worship. It is beautiful & challenging to hear about the new places God is leading Krista to in worship. I LOVE the psalms she is writing, too! I can’t wait for her to get back from Israel in a month & hear more of the wonderful things God has done. The Lord greatly bless you, Laurell!

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