Tuition: paid in full. Outreach: paid in full. That’s the news I got this week! Over the past month while I was in Israel, with pretty much no internet access to know what was going on back home, God provided the remaining funds for me to pay all the school fees!!! He is so faithful! I really felt through this time that God was growing my faith, and thought that I was going to have to wait until the last minute to see the finances come in. But, in His love, God provided the needed funds in less than 4 months time! I really can’t thank you enough for all the financial support you gave, and for the prayers you prayed on my behalf. You are sharing a part in all that God is doing, and I pray that you are seeing the blessing returned in your own lives.

The Israel trip was incredible! We had the opportunity to serve at a number of different ministries, blessing them and being blessed in return. One week, we served at an African woman’s shelter. It is run by amazing people who serve and give so much of their lives for this ministry, so it was a blessing to be able to serve them for a week. Another week, we spent our days on a goat farm. They are understaffed and are busy working 7 days a week. That was definitely a highlight for me on the trip. As we went above their expectations of what we would be able to do, it was such a joy to see the blessing it was to them. We got to see a number of kids born while we were there, which was a beautiful thing to see – messy, but beautiful. We were also able to serve a B&B run by friends of the community here. The founders of Gateways were also in the process of moving houses while we were there, so we were able to give back to them and help them in their move.

One of the most special moments, was when we had dinner with an Arabic family. After dinner, we had a special time of worship and prayer with them. While we were praying for them, I felt impressed to wash the husband and wife’s feet. For a minute, I questioned it, but couldn’t shake the thought and really felt like it was from God. I got the ok from my leaders, got a bowl of water and some towels, and began to speak to the couple. As I told them I really felt like this was actually Jesus wanting to wash their feet to honor their service for Him, the wife stopped me and said, “What did you say???” I said it again, and she began to cry and laugh. Just the day before, she had been at a Bible study, and the preacher had talked about Jesus wanting to wash their feet. It was such a beautiful time, as Jesus allowed me and one other person to be His hands in washing their feet. They have such a gift of hospitality and serve God so much, and you could just feel God honoring that in them.

I feel like the last month has brought a lot of change and growth in me. God has really begun to reveal and clean out some things in my life. I feel He is doing a deep work in me, lovingly and gently chipping away at all that doesn’t belong. He is bringing me into new levels of freedom and confidence in Him. I am growing in vulnerability and trust – with family, leadership, and friends. I am so thankful that God has allowed me this season of study and growth. This year really is going beyond what I could have even imagined.

Again, thank you all so much for all that you have given to make it possible for me to follow God in this season and receive all that He has for me. Many blessings to you and your families.


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