Called for a Purpose

This past week, we talked each day about who we are, and what our life purpose is; how to live knowing the call of God on our lives. Aside from the teaching aspect of the class, we had a lot of practical writing assignments as well. We wrote down things we’ve done in the past, things we enjoy, things we feel called to. After all that, we had to write a life purpose statement. This week was eye-opening for me. You’d think that would be a relatively easy assignment, but as I got ready to write, it was harder than I thought. I’ve realized this past week that I have been so afraid to fully trust God and step into whatever ministry He has for me. I couldn’t see how He could fulfill certain dreams if I did. Basically, it boils down to a lack of trust, trying to fulfill my own dreams. Wow. What a realization to come to.

Over the past month, God has been doing so much in me, showing me so many areas in my life that haven’t been right – which were most of the areas I thought I had figured out already. It has made me even more grateful for this season. I am becoming more hungry to grow in my relationship with Him, and more hungry to fulfill His calling on my life. I have been so afraid to step into certain things as a single woman, but now I realize that God wants to grow me before I get married, so that I can be fully grounded in Him and knowing who He has made me to be. It has brought me such a deeper contentment and peace in being single right now. God has specific plans for my life, and I can’t wait to see them fulfilled!

Second year is such a deeper level of learning. While we actually have less classroom/teaching time than first year, it feels like we are learning so much more. The teaching we do receive goes so much deeper and goes to a much more personal level. I feel like it is really strengthening my identity in Him, helping me to understand more who I am in Him, what He wants to do in me, and what He has in store for me. This season is priceless, and I know it is preparing me for the future even more than I realize.

I am getting so excited as we enter our last few weeks of classroom training and prepare for outreach in Ethiopia. Never did I dream I would get to go to Africa, let alone 2 times! God goes beyond our dreams! While my fees are fully paid, you can still support this trip in other ways. Prayer is always a practical way to support. Right now our leaders are making the plans for the trip, working out all the logistics, and I’m sure they’d appreciate your prayers. As far as financial support goes, we are hoping to take 45 extra suitcases with us – 1 for each person on the team – full of supplies to give away there (toys, medicine, and practical items). We don’t have time to wait for packages to be sent, but you can donate finances that will be applied 100% towards the purchase of these items for the Ethiopian people. And the final way you can help, is by supporting another student’s outreach fees. There are still a number of my own classmates who don’t have all the finances they need, and I can only imagine what a blessing it would be to them to receive donations from outside of their own circles. I never thought I would be in a place of being able to help them, but after God so miraculously provided my funds, I now find I am able to help by presenting their need. If you would like to donate to either of these needs, you can do so directly by mailing checks (payable to Gateways Beyond International) to:

PO BOX 6040
Spokane, WA 99217
(please be sure to specify the area of donation on a separate note attached to the check: Ethiopia 2012 Aid, or GTS2 Outreach Fees) 

or by donating online at: 

If you donate online, please specify donations for Ethiopia 2012 Aid, or for GTS2 outreach fees.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support.
Many blessings from Cyprus,


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