Beautiful People (a blog by Bria)

I love people.  The Earth & the trees &  the skies are beautiful.  But what would this world be without people?  There would be no soul to creation.  No heart.  No breath.  We are all so different…and still all the same.  All made in the image of the One who created us.

Allow me to introduce you to my 2 Pani (Miss) Maria’s

God has given me the precious gift of getting to know these 2 beautiful ladies through the feeding ministry that I take part in with my church family every 2nd Saturday.  Neither one has the use of her physical eyes, and both are forced, through circumstance, to depend on the generosity of strangers for her financial needs…and through both of them, God has taught me priceless lessons about joy, humility, and strength.  As is the case almost any time we love others by serving them – in wanting to bless them, I emerge feeling like the blessed one.  They inspire me so much!  Their spirits are so strong, and despite the fact that they are on the street begging for their livelihood, they have unwavering faith in God & true, boundless joy.  Please pray with me for my Pani Maria’s.  Pray that God will give them strength & health daily.  Pray for the healing of their sight.  And most of all, pray that the faith they possess will grow into a deep, personal, intimate encounter with Jesus Christ.

Now meet Nikki:

I love this girl.  My church has recently begun a music English Club (using English songs to practice English) for students in Lviv, and it’s another ministry that I’m helping out with.  I met Nikki 2 weeks ago, when I gave her an invitation to the English Club while she was sitting in the park near the University.  She’s begun joining us for the club on Wednesday evenings, and she is just wonderful!  Not only do we share a name (my middle name is Nicole, and growing up my mom always called me Bria Nikki), but we also share a love of music and singing.  Nikki is not just beautiful on the outside, but she has such a beautiful spirit.  I am so thankful for the opportunity God’s given me to get to know her (and our other students) through our English club, and to take the love that He pours out on me & pour it out on them.  Please pray for Nikki & our English Club – that we can help these wonderful young people with a better knowledge of English, and also show them the Love of Jesus!

And last, but not least, meet our World Race team – Childlike Prophets:

This is a great group of people!  If you haven’t heard of the World Race, it’s amazing.  It’s like a mission trip to the max.  11 countries in 11 months.  CLP has spent the last month ministering with us here in Lviv, and we’re only country number 9 for them.  They still have Romania & Moldova to go after us.  They have given endless energy to helping us with everything from building Bethel House, to leading home groups, church services, and English Clubs.  And of course, hosting a group of 7 people in our home & ministries for a month requires endless energy from us, but God always gives us every ounce of strength that we need for every single ministry we follow Him into.  On top of doing regular ministry, we’ve been fixing endless meals, doing endless cleaning, and driving endless carpools…and loving every minute!  Here’s Lins in the kitchen, which is pretty much where she’s been living for the last month:

God is so good.  All the time. He gives me this beautiful life, with all of these beautiful people around me, and I desire nothing more than to know & follow my beautiful Lord.  Thank you, through your prayers, support, & financial sacrifices, for making it possible for me to follow Him here, in Ukraine.  You are beautiful people.

Love, and blessings, in Jesus‘ Name.

All for Jesus…
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6 thoughts on “Beautiful People (a blog by Bria)

  1. Love you and your heart for the Lord.
    Your life is such a beautiful expression of the heart of God for His people.
    Thank you for being faithfully committed to God in all things, whether it be in the kitchen, in the carpools, in English club.
    Just love you to pieces! 🙂

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