Update from Lindsay

Today, during the food distribution ministry, I was able to go see my favorite Miss Vira & her daughter, Miss Nadiya.  These women are such sweethearts that it never fails to lift my spirits to go see them.  Pani Vira has been laid up for over 2 months after falling and breaking a bone in 3 places.  It was hard for her at first to not be able to take her daily walk and it was a blessing to see her face light up when we would go visit her.  However, for the past week, it has been an even greater blessing to visit her & see her already bright & perky when we walk in.  It’s good to see her spirits so high & see her beautiful smile!  Today, while her spirits were high and she was looking better than ever, her leg was looking worse than ever!  Her daughter, Miss Nadiya, is concerned that she will have no option but to have surgery, which is always dangerous for a 90-year-old woman.  Please pray with us for Pani Vira’s healing, and that both her and her daughter will continue to be drawn to the Light they see in us.

Visiting Miss Vira (in the bed) and Miss Nadiya (on the far right) 2 weeks ago

Miss Vira was full of beautiful smiles last Sunday

In other news, the process of getting visas and then, temporary residency, so that we can continue to legally do religious work in Ukraine is finally over – after a long 7 months!  The visa process is always an interesting one, but this time has been even more so than usual.  The Lord has proven Himself faithful every step of the way, but I am thankful to be finished with it…until next time, that is! 🙂  Is is so wonderful to have this little piece of paper that frees me to continue working here in Ukraine!  Your continued prayers & financial support, which also allow us to continue serving the Lord here, are greatly valued!

There it is - my much anticipated temporary residency card!

The weather has finally gotten nice.  Almost every day is sunny and the temps are getting up to 80!  That means – it’s gardening season!  It is time for Bethel House to sow & reap literal fruit in preparation of sowing & reaping Kingdom fruit!  Much of last year’s harvest was put to good use while hosting the World Race team and next year promises to hold even more guests as the prospect of completing Bethel House by the end of this year becomes more & more probable.  Mom’s foot has continued to heal after her break in November; she received a great report this week (the master Physician has not only been healing her foot; He placed the bone fragment that chipped off back in perfect position, allowing it to calcify over and look as if it never broke!), but was told to not get ahead of herself.  There are 2 tendons that get badly inflamed if she overdoes it (which she easily does!), and she still needs to give her foot plenty of rest throughout the day.  She loves being in the garden and is excited about working in the garden again, but she won’t be able to push herself quite as hard as she normally does and will need lots of help to manage this massive garden!  I find gardening exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.  So, I’m looking forward to being in the garden, but your prayers for strength and perseverance are much appreciated!

Without your faithful generosity, we cannot remain in Ukraine.  We are so thankful for those who support us financially and pray God’s abundant blessings on you!  If you would like information on how to make a donation, you can find the details on the About page.  Our greatest needs right now are monthly partners who will help cover our living expenses here and one-time donations for Bria to print out human trafficking awareness fliers (read more here).  Please prayerfully consider how the Lord might have you partner with us.

All for His glory,

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name give glory because of Your lovingkindness, because of Your truth. -Ps. 115:1


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