The final week of class has begun. It’s so crazy to realize that I’ll be home in a month and a half! But, I’m not there yet, and I’m so excited for this last week and the upcoming month of outreach. I know that God still has a lot in store for me. This past Sunday, we had another Streams in the Desert gathering in town. These gatherings are designed to bring together the body of Christ on the Island for a night of worship and teaching. It is incredible to see how much has changed since Gateways began these gatherings. So many people come from various churches on the Island, and it’s such a beautiful time to gather and worship our God together. Usually the Streams events are held in hotels, as was the case last night. As we interceded for the meeting before it began, we noticed a young hotel worker watching us. Then, as the worship began, he approached some of the staff and asked them who we were and what was going on. He shared how he had been in church before, but he’d never seen or felt anything like this. He then stated, “Whatever it is that you have, I want it!” Right there, he accepted Jesus as his savior! What a night of rejoicing it was! God is truly at work here in Cyprus, and we are expectant for even more in Ethiopia.

Three years ago when I first went to Ethiopia, I met a guy named Lazarus. He had throat cancer, we prayed for him, but nothing happened right away. We were still believing for his healing, when a week later we met him and he testified that his cancer was gone! Last week God brought him back to my mind. I am believing this year to see more ‘Lazarus’s’ who will both physically and spiritually be healed and raised out of their graves. We are also believing for a blessing of abundance on this trip – in every area where abundance can be applied. We’re believing for financial abundance for those still needing funds, and also financial abundance to bless the people of Ethiopia. We have already received over 15 bags worth of donations, as well as financial donations to take with us. If you would like to donate towards buying items that will bless the Ethiopian people, donations can still be sent until May 4th (online donations only). You can donate by going to: http://www.gatewaysbeyond.org/donate.php  Please specify donations for Ethiopia 2012 Aid.

We serve such an incredible God and I am so thankful for all that He has done in my life and all that He is still going to do in the future. Never do I regret giving my life to serve Him. He is so worth every minute, every breath, every ounce of energy. To think back to where He has brought me from, I am filled with gratitude, awe, and praise. Yes, there are sacrifices involved and difficult times mixed in with the good, but He is there through it all. He is so good!

Blessings from Cyprus, Krista


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