$50,000 for Bethel House!

From Lindsay:

The primary ministry the Lord has called me to in Ukraine is helping Dad & Mom with their ministry house, Bethel House.  I was 14 years old when God first gave them the vision for this house in 1996.  I was still living with Dad & Mom when the property was purchased in 2003.  I was here for the joyous moment when the foundation for the expansion of the house was laid in 2006.  Bethel House’s ministry is simple – be a blessing – to the Jew first, and also the Gentile.  The vision of this house has been a big part of my life and yet, that is not why I am here.  Through the years, I was excited to see what God was doing with Dad & Mom’s ministry; I was simply along for the ride as their daughter.

Then, I had the opportunity to go to a YWAM School of Jewish Studies at the end of 2006.  It was there that God birthed in my heart a greater personal love for Israel and a deeper understanding of my call, as a follower of God, to bless Israel.  I felt a greater excitement for the ministry of Bethel House, but it was still just Dad & Mom’s ministry.

It was right as Bethel House began to be built that God called me to Nashville in 2007.  I watched from the other side of the world as God slowly, but surely, continued to build Bethel House.  After living in Nashville for 3 years, God called me back to Ukraine, and I said “yes”, but asked, “What will I do there?”  He said, “Bethel House.”  My joy could not have been more complete, as I returned to Ukraine, not to help my parents because I was their daughter, but to be part of a ministry that was actively seeking to bless Israel, because God had placed that in my heart and called me to join them.

For nearly 2 years, I have primed, painted, lacquered, nailed, scrubbed, cleaned, gardened, cooked, and done all kinds of other work.  I have enjoyed the opportunity of using my hands to help Bethel House become a reality; I have enjoyed serving in many different ministries at Living Word Church.  Yet, through it all, I have anxiously waited for the day when the Lord will complete the house, and looked forward to the actual ministry beginning, hoping that God would still have me here at that time to be a part of maintaining a house that blesses people – especially, the Jewish people.

That day seems closer than ever, with the incredible news that Blessing Ministry has been approved for a $25,000 matching grant for Bethel House.  Before Dad & Mom could even start sharing this news extensively, the Lord had already provided $15,525 towards the grant!  Once they raise the full $25,000 (only $9,475 remaining), there is a foundation that will match every dollar!  So much can be accomplished with $50,000, and Bethel House will be close to completion.  If you would be willing to help them reach this goal, I would be so grateful.  Information on tax-deductible donations can be found at http://blessingministry.wordpress.com/support-2/.  Thank you so much for your consideration of partnering with Blessing Ministry.

The Lord is at work in Ukraine and I am blessed to be a part of it.  Thank you for your love & care for my sisters & I as we are here.  The Lord is faithful!

For His glory,


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