The Beauty of Summer (from Lindsay)

If you know me well, you know that absolutely, no question about it, summer is  my favorite season!  I love heat, I love sun, I love long days.

I like being busy, too, and summer is definitely our busiest season as missionaries in Ukraine.  The garden starts to produce a harvest, special events happen at church, and work increases on Bethel construction.  During August, Dad & Mom are hosting their second & third World Race teams of the year to help out with all this craziness.  That’s right – 2 teams at once!  Bethel is busting at the seams with our family of 5 & 13 World Racers!  Many cultures in the world place high honor on guests & consider them a great blessing; I could not agree more!  There is no greater joy than having a home overflowing with life and laughter.  Especially when the guests have come to serve and bless you in return!  It is incredible to have so many people buzzing around, helping in Blessing Ministry’s many areas of service, and to have the added joy of enjoying sweet fellowship, worship, and prayer with so many new friends.  In the 13 days they have been here, they have already done the planning for a VBS at Living Word Church (that they are leading this week); helped in the feeding ministry; helped freeze produce from the garden; prayer walked through our village; shared testimonies in Sunday’s service; done street evangelism in the city; passed out fliers for English Club; planned, led, and participated in English Club; and worked on Bethel – they’ve helped recover the basement from a mold problem, painted, stained baseboards, sanded ceiling boards, and worked on little odd jobs.  On top of it all, just to further bless us, they wash the dishes after every meal!  Yes, they are beautiful people & incredible servants!  And they still have 11 more days here with us!

English Club was packed with people last week, thanks to all the invitations the World Racers helped us pass out; they planned a wonderful club that night and everyone had a lot of fun!

As for my sisters & I, we are enjoying having them here, and more thankful than ever that the Lord is our strength!  When we have World Race teams here, it definitely means we work more during the days, sleep less at nights, and don’t always get a day off during the week.  Our regular ministry continues, and on top of it all, we cook, clean, chauffeur, translate,….whatever is needed.

The more opportunities the Lord gives me to serve, the more I see that we were not made for ourselves, but for Him!  It is so easy to get sidetracked by the flesh and start living for self, but I find that the more I lay down my “rights” and serve my God through serving those He has placed around me, the deeper & more full my joy and satisfaction in life is.  He is a good God!  His love is great, His love is deep, His love is wide, and He gives us the incredible, undeserved privilege of pouring His love out in this world through us, His children.  That great blessing makes every moment of life truly beautiful!


4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Summer (from Lindsay)

  1. Lindsay, you could be me! I love the summer. I love the heat. And I love to serve! The Lord has given me a vision of a home here in Tennessee for missionaries to come back to the US & have a place to stay while trying to raise funds. I’m going to serve them. I can’t wait! Love to all of you!

    • That is such a beautiful, amazing vision! When our family lived in the States for 2 years, we would not have made it without churches who had homes for missionaries. I find it even more beautiful for an individual to have a vision for that kind of home! May the Lord bring the vision to fulfillment soon! We love you and are so blessed by your heart for missions AND missionaries!

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