Prepared In Advance (from Lindsay)

The first English class, when I was 16 – September 1998

On September 28, 1998, I was 16

The final English class, when I was 19 – spring 2001

years old and filled with nervous excitement, as I faced 15 children & 2 adults waiting for me to teach them English.  Over the next 2 1/2 years, I did my best to help them learn English.  There was a lot of trial and a lot of error, and I often felt completely inadequate, but I loved it!  I had 4 faithful students who stuck with me to the end and gave me the joy of seeing them speak more English when it was over than when it started.  That experience showed me that I love teaching and, while I have had many opportunities since then to teach different things, I always hoped God had been using that first class to prepare me for the future, when He would give me another chance to teach English to children.

He has done just that!  It started this summer, when our next-door neighbor asked me to tutor their 8-year-old son in English.  Knowing how much I already have on my plate, I told them I would consider it.  I prayed about it that evening and the next morning, asking the Lord to let me know if this was something He wanted me to do or not.  That next day, as I walked home from the garden, a woman stopped me on the street and told me she wanted to send her grandson to me for English lessons, because she certainly couldn’t help him in that area!  That was my answer; I knew the Lord was opening the door for me to teach English again.  Knowing that I definitely didn’t have time for individual tutoring, I decided to offer to teach a small class, accepting 10 kids as students.  I let some of the summer busyness die down and presented my plan to our next-door neighbor last week.  She was very excited by what I shared with her and is passing a sign-up sheet around the village, so that I can start the class this Tuesday.  The class will be for one hour, once a week.  They have a wonderful English teacher at their school and I am impressed with the English the little boy next door already knows; I hope, though, that I can help my small group of students become even more established and prolific in their knowledge of English.

I am so excited by this opportunity and am looking forward to our first class, thankful that God has prepared me in advance for this task!  Please pray for me – for creativity, patience, and love in teaching, that I would teach well, and that the kids would learn well.


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