Thank You!

As 2012 comes to an end and we prepare to begin a New Year, we wanted to post an update to say ‘thank you’. Thank you for making one more year of serving God in Ukraine and the nations possible. Thank you for your prayers that helped to keep us safe this year. Thank you for the care packages you sent. Thank you.

To say that you have been a part of the lives that were changed this year through our ministry, is the absolute truth. It wouldn’t be possible for missionaries to do the work they do, without the support of those who are called to stay and do home-missions while working jobs. It really does take the entire body for one part to function! We recognize and understand that you work hard and long hours for your income (all 3 of us have also had seasons of working 9-5 jobs, and supporting missionaries), and we value the support you send to us.

This year, God has taught us so many invaluable lessons. Just a few of the avenues through which those lessons have come are: He enabled us to start an English Club ministry through our church, which has grown steadily through the year. We planted, harvested, and froze produce from our garden – which serves to help the ministry of Bethel House (our parent’s/family ministry home). Fifty-two guests came through Bethel House this year (from one at a time, to twenty-one at a time), and we were here to help with hosting and coordinating ministry for many of them. Bria had the opportunity to help coordinate an anti-human trafficking seminar for The A21 Campaign, which led to the launch of an abolition group in Lviv that is already growing, working, and making big plans for the coming year! Lindsay began an English class in our village which has 8 young students who are growing and gaining confidence with their English. Krista traveled to Cyprus, Israel, Ethiopia, Holland, and the States, and had various opportunities for ministry in each country. Bria released her first mini-album ( – free download!) and has five concerts at the beginning of 2013 that she will be a part of. God has opened new doors for all of us in the ministries we feel called to, and we have loved walking through those doors and following Him!

While 2012 was an amazing year, and we look back with gratitude for all that God did, we now look forward and await all that He has planned for 2013. We know that each year is a process of growing, with growth comes new responsibility, and with that comes new opportunities and greater levels of growth. We are so excited for another year to seek Him and do all that He has planned for us here in Ukraine and the nations.