Bibles Needed!

Every Wednesday, whichever of us 3 sisters are in Lviv (currently, that would be Bria & Lindsay), head off to our church office to lead a weekly English Club.  We use this club to give practice to young adults who know some English and are looking to improve.  We love going to English Club each week and spending time with these beautiful people, and building friendships with those we might not otherwise ever meet.

Our meetings are always enjoyable, filled with games, movies, and lots of discussion on different topics and questions.  As firm believers in the Word of God, and it being the only source available to us of absolute Truth, we often use Scripture in our discussion.  Our hope is to see the people who come becoming more familiar with the Scripture and understanding God’s truth.  When we know in advance what verses we’ll be reading, we print them out for

Reading and discussing 1 John 3:16 from little, printed slips of paper

Reading and discussing 1 John 3:16 from little, printed slips of paper

everyone to read with us.  When a verse comes up spontaneously, we read it for everyone to hear.  However, our desire is to be able to give the gift to each person of their very own English Bible, that they can bring with them to English club and have at home for their personal reading.  We need your help to make this happen, and we invite you to join us in sowing into the lives of these young people, by getting the Word of God in their hands and in their daily lives.  We have researched different options and feel that the most practical choice for our needs is the aptly-named “The Holy Bible for ESL Readers (NIrV)”.  This Bible can be ordered from Amazon (link below) and sent directly to us in Ukraine for approximately $16 (including shipping).

Would you consider personally sending us 1 of these Bibles, or getting a group of friends, prayer group, Sunday School class, or church, to join you?  To avoid us having to pay unnecessary customs taxes on this end, please do not ship more than one Bible at a time to Ukraine through amazon.  If you, or your group, would like to donate multiple Bibles, please contact us through e-mail ( and we will communicate with you about the process for that.  These Bibles will be an invaluable tool to us in our English Club, and we thank you in advance for helping us make it happen!  We greatly appreciate your continued support in every way, as we serve our King in the things He has called us to.

CLICK HERE to go to amazon and order a Bible to send to Ukraine! (E-mail us requests for the shipping address at