An Honest Look at Our Current Need

The life of a foreign, self-supported missionary is an interesting one.  We won’t pretend that it’s easy to go month-to-month, never knowing exactly how much money will come in and if it will be enough to cover all of our needs.  However, we wouldn’t trade it for the world.  We learned as kids watching our parents’ example, and now through firsthand experience, that the life God has called us to results in a deep, intimate relationship with Him as we rely on Him with every breath (some months more desperately than others!).


The avenue through which He provides is people like you!  When you make a financial donation to us, you make it possible for us to live this life that God has called us to.   We are always praying that we will be good stewards of every penny people so sacrificially give.  Your one-time donations mean so much to us and, many times, come just in the nick of time!  However, our greatest need right now is regular, monthly supporters.

At the moment, our regular support only covers 35% of our monthly needs.  God provides each month, but often His full provision comes through our parents covering personal costs that we would like to cover on our own, or our Ukrainian church covering ministry costs.  In both cases, it is often a burden for us to see the very people we are here to serve covering our costs, when much of the time, they are in a financially tight state, too.

We are asking you to prayerfully consider becoming one of our regular, monthly supporters.  Please know that every little bit helps.  $10, $100, or $1000 a month – it all makes a difference!  Being fully funded would mean that we would be able to cover:
*our personal costs – everything from shampoo to clothes to gas for our car, etc.
*an emergency fund – for unexpected medical needs, car costs, etc.
*personal savings – to cover travel to the States (we’d like to come back more than once every 3 years!), to help cover weddings (whenever God sees fit to bring those men into our lives), and help cover training/schooling/courses in things we’d like to pursue, etc.
*ministry costs – coffee/lunch dates with people we’re discipling, young women’s discipleship group, English club, English classes, recording music, traveling for ministry in other countries, and any other ministries God plugs us into along the way.

Details on making donations can be found on the support page of this blog. Donations can be made online or through mailing a check; either way, all donations are tax-deductible.

We are so thankful for each person that God has led to support us financially since He called us as foreign missionaries.  We are so thankful for each person that has offered up prayers on our behalf, and on behalf of the people we have been serving & loving.  We pray God’s abundant blessings on each of you!