And So Begins Summer (from Lindsay)

After a winter that continued well into March, I am so thankful to finally be enjoying summer – my favorite, and busiest, season!  This summer promises to be full to the max & I am ready to embrace it to the full,…and it has already begun!

Throughout May, Dad & Mom hosted a World Race team that was such a huge blessing to the ministry here.  They helped us plant our biggest garden yet.  Without them, that amount of planting would not have happened, as Bria & Krista aren’t here, and Mom had eye surgery at the end of April.  They made it happen, though, and we are so thankful to be looking forward to another great harvest.

The World Race team also led English club each week they were here & the group at English club loved it!  They were sad to see them go.

Besides everything else, they also helped get small jobs done around Bethel House, planted flowers at the Holocaust memorial in Lviv, ministered in church each Sunday, joined us in starting to minister at an orphanage, and helped the Lviv Abolitionist group pass out awareness fliers.

Lviv Abolitionists & World Race team at our awareness street project, where we passed out 600+ fliers.

Lviv Abolitionists & World Race team at our awareness street project, where we passed out 600+ fliers.

My life while the team was here consisted of a lot of cooking, driving, and grocery shopping, in addition to participating in all the ministries they were helping us with.  These World Race teams sacrifice 11 months of their lives to travel the world, partnering with different ministries, giving their all to be a blessing and carry the love of Jesus.  I love getting to join Dad & Mom in welcoming them to Bethel House and blessing them as much as possible in return.

The team in May was truly wonderful, but we’re not done with World Racers yet for the summer – we have a new team that arrived last weekend for the month of June and I’m excited to see what God has in store for this month!

Dad, Mom & I with Team Doulos

Dad, Mom & I with Team Doulos, our May team

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