Nursery is Up & Running (from Lindsay)

Remember this?


That’s what our “Sunday School room” (i.e., the only space we had available) looked like in the previous building where our church met.  In a recent blog post, “A New Opportunity”, I detailed how I had been asked to organize the nursery at our church, as we are now in a new building and not only have room for Sunday School, but even a separate nursery!

The nursery launched on June 2 and I have been so blessed by the response.  We have a wonderful group of volunteers that are great with the children.  It has also been exciting to see whole families starting to come together to church, who in the past usually came without their children.  In June, we had a World Race team here, and 2 of the team members painted an amazing mural for us (THANK YOU, Danny & Jen), which the kids love!  Along with plenty of fun play time, the children hear a short Bible story each week, pray together, and even learn Bible verses through song.  It’s a beautiful sound when you hear a 2 year old walking around, singing nonchalantly, and you realize it’s the Bible verse song from nursery!

Here are some pictures:





Thank you for your faithful support that enables me to live here and enjoy opportunities, such as starting up this nursery.  It is a joy & honor to serve the Lord in each of the areas He has opened to me.  Please pray for His continued blessings on the nursery and on Living Word Church.


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