Bibles in Abundance!

When we asked for Bibles to be donated for English club, we never could have imagined such a response!  Your generosity has truly overwhelmed us.  Through you, God has done more than we could ask or imagine.

THANK YOU for your incredible support in this project.  Our start-up goal was 30 Bibles, and you have far exceeded that, as our shelves are overflowing with 49 Bibles!!!  You quickly enabled us to be able to use Bibles in our English club, and went beyond that, meeting our hopes of having enough on hand to be able to start giving them out as gifts when we begin our English Bible study (which we are planning to do in the fall).

You have blessed us beyond words and we are truly grateful, praying that God blesses you abundantly in return.  Please join us in praying that His Word will bear much fruit and bring a great harvest.

July 2013


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