Breaking the Silence (from Lindsay)

Wow!  Where does the time go?!  2013 has been flying by, and it’s hard to believe it will be over in 2 short months.  The biggest news in my life is that I am once again a student.  After years of praying and weighing the question of furthering my education, God led me this summer to enroll at Liberty University Online to get my associate’s degree in early childhood education.  I am 7 weeks into the 2-year program, and 2 weeks into a crazy 3-week period of taking 4 classes, instead of the normal 2.  Two is busy, but still manageable on top of everything else I have going on in ministry and life.  Four is a little insane!  Due to my late enrollment, though, it was necessary to have a little overlap of classes, in order to squeeze everything in before the end of the semester.  God is faithful, though, and He is sustaining me.  I appreciate your prayers so much as I go through this journey.  I am enjoying my classes, excited about how God is growing me, and looking forward to seeing how His plans unfold in using this education, and using me, for His glory.

My first day of school at Liberty University Online!

My first day of school at Liberty University Online!

Ministry continues, and I am excited about all that God is doing.  I am most excited about our plans to start the English Bible study in a few weeks.  Please pray for us as we prepare, and most of all, pray that God would awaken people’s interest so they will come, and that His Word will bear fruit and He will draw people to salvation through faith in His Son.

Be looking for more updates from us in the coming weeks!  Thank you for reading, keeping up with our lives and ministry, encouraging us, and supporting us in so many ways.  God bless!



2 thoughts on “Breaking the Silence (from Lindsay)

  1. Wow, great news Lindsay!  Early childhood edu sounds great,  I love that stuff!  Jason has been doing classes through Liberty U Online this past year,  getting his master’s in Human Services, he loves it!  Challenging but good.  4 classes sounds like a LOT at one time!  I’m glad It’s just a few weeks for you.   Thanks for the update, I always love hearing how things are going!  Beka

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