The Time Has (Finally!) Come -from Lindsay

It is with great joy that I let you know I will be in the States early next year!  After 3+ years, it has been in my heart for quite some time to get back and see so many people that I dearly love and appreciate.  God has finally released me to do that and I am greatly looking forward to the trip!

From January 15-February 12, I will be in Houston, TX.
From February 12-February 27, I will be in Nashville, TN.

Traveling home as a missionary is always a bit stressful, as “home” costs a lot more than the “mission field” where God has me.  If you would like to help alleviate some of the costs, I would appreciate it so much.  You can find out how to make a tax-deductible donation on the “Support” page.  These are some of the costs I am looking at:
$1100 – total air travel costs
$100 – other travel-related expenses (such as an overnight layover in Europe)
$400 – vehicle costs in States
$400 – stocking up on personal items that are better quality, better value, and/or only available in the States
$200 – personal funds needed to supplement monthly support

One of the purposes for this trip is to fundraise.  We are looking at dedicating Bethel House around the first of July, hoping it will be completed at that time.  I will be fundraising towards that end, as well as fundraising for my personal support.  Another way you can be a part of this trip is by helping me book speaking dates.  Ways that you might do that:
*Talk with your church leaders, prayer group leaders, Sunday School leaders, home group leaders, etc., about having me come share about what God is doing in Ukraine while I’m in your area.
*Have a missions night at your home.  Invite friends over and have me share about Ukraine and the ministry God has called me to.
*Coordinate a missions night at your church.  Put out a few snacks, spread the word, and I will share about Bethel House and the different ministries I’m involved in.

Thank you for considering how you might help and be a part of this trip.

Mark your calendars!  I hope to have a lot of personal time with as many of you as possible; we’ve got A LOT of catching up to do! 🙂  Looking forward to it!




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