Today Was a Good Day (from Lindsay)

Spring semester for my studies at Liberty University Online is pretty much finished, and that means I get to put my full focus on ministry.  I have been waiting for this day!!!  I am thankful for the opportunity to further my education and sometimes even enjoy my studies, but even in the moments of enjoyment, I am frustrated at the time my studies take away from ministry.  There have been days, when everyone was working hard around Bethel House and I was sitting in my room studying, that I contemplated throwing in the towel.  Why should I be studying when there is so much work to be done?!  The only answer I have is the only answer that could keep me from quitting – because I know this is something God wants me to do.  So, I keep pressing on.  And God graciously even allows me to see the benefits of my education by giving me opportunities to already use some of the things I’m learning in my ministry with the children at church.  Despite the many ways God encourages me to persevere in my studies, I cannot contain my excitement that, for the next 3 months, I will be able to put my full focus on ministry.

Today, I went to the orphanage with Maggie & Trey.  I played, held, and walked with little kids that squeezed my neck and found rest in simply being held.  11175031_10103443834105703_5182587954342125914_nNot once did I think about assignments that were waiting to be completed.  After lunch, I helped Mom & Dad get our first seeds in the ground at Bethel House.  We broke up the ground in half of the little garden that sits out front of our house and planted all of our herbs.  11225896_474613386036498_1465131562_nThe moment never came when I had to leave early to go study.  Mom & I went straight from the garden into the kitchen, where we got dinner ready together.  I was completely relaxed, enjoying the moment, free from the stress that I hadn’t spent a single moment throughout the day studying.

Today, I gave my full time and energy to ministry, and it felt really good!  Today was the first of many such days, as our summer is already jam packed with exciting and wonderful things to come.  At the end of May, we’ll be having a youth retreat for our church out at Bethel House.  In June, we’ll be welcoming guests who will come to help and celebrate with us as we participate in Franklin Graham’s Festival of Hope, and dedicate Bethel House.  In July, we’ll welcome two World Race teams, who will serve with us as we continue in our regular ministries and focus on discipling and integrating new believers from the Festival of Hope into the church.  All the while, we’ll be gardening, working on completing Bethel House, continuing our ministry at Living Word Church, and enjoying the blessing of being a part of God’s amazing work in Ukraine at this time.  What a blessing to serve Him in this nation, and what joy that I can do so wholeheartedly throughout this summer.  The best is yet to come!  .

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