What A Difference A Person Makes

from Lindsay:

Krista’s back!!!!!  After 5 months at Gateways Training School, the 3 sisters are finally back together in Ukraine.  Krista got some much-needed rest and then jumped right in with all the work going on around here.  (Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog from her on the rest of her time at the school.)

The garden is flourishing, despite some crazy summer weather, including temps that have been getting down into the 50’s!  We continue to pray for an abundant harvest, and it’s looking like God will bless us with just that.  Ukraine has long summers, so we have been working on getting some last-minute seeds in the ground as we reach the end of the planting season.  That means Krista’s had the experience of helping with the back-breaking work of breaking up the ground, clearing it, and planting.  It’s been amazing to see how much quicker the work goes with one extra set of hands and we’re thankful to have another hard worker in the garden!

Yesterday, we had our first English club with all 3 of us there to lead it.  It was a beautiful thing to all work together, plan the meeting, pass out invitations, and lead a successful meeting, with 10 Ukrainians in attendance.  Krista led a game involving tasting something and identifying the different ingredients.  It was supposed to be tasty, but when you mix 7 prominent flavors together (banana, Nutella, peanut butter, honey, cinnamon, kiwi, and orange juice), it comes out a little more “interesting”.  It wasn’t particularly enjoyable for most, but after a few tastes, it grew on 3 of the young people and they cleaned out the bowl for Krista!  I led a game of gathering autographs from people in the group who matched different descriptions, and Bria led everyone through discussing the lyrics of 2 songs.  We used a popular song that expresses a lot of bitterness to move into a song of hope that talks about the countless second chances offered to us through the cross.  Having Krista back to help come up with ideas for the meeting, help carry the conversation at the meeting, and lend her personality and energy to the group, is invaluable.

It is pretty incredible to see the difference one person can make.  Summer is an especially busy time for us here in Ukraine, but there is always work to do year-round, and we can always use another set of hands!  If you’re looking for somewhere to serve in foreign missions, prayerfully consider coming here.  We can always use one more person!

In closing, let me mention that prices are rising here, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to work with the monthly support we have.  We are praying for God to raise up new monthly supporters who would join those who faithfully give to us each month (thank you, supporters!).  Please pray about how God might have you partner with us as we serve here, and share about our ministry & needs with others you know – friends, Sunday School groups, youth groups, churches, anyone you’re connected to.  More information on giving can be found on the Support page.

We never cease to thank God for your love, care, prayers, and support for us here in Ukraine, and pray His abundant blessings on each of you!  He is faithful!