We are Bria, Lindsay, & Krista Blessing – 3 sisters who are serving God in Ukraine alongside our parents, yet each with our own, unique callings.

BRIA: “God has blessed me much more than I deserve.”  That is the truth.  I could never repay my beautiful Lord Jesus for all He’s done for me, but I give what I have – my life.  I am His servant…His friend…His bride.  I go where He takes me, and right now He’s brought me to Lviv, Ukraine.  And even that is a HUGE blessing!  I would love Him & serve Him anywhere, and out of all the places on Earth, He calls me to a city I love, a people I love, with a family I love.  So for now, I live here, I work here, I serve here.  The specific area that God has called me to focus my energies & attentions for the moment is music.  I’m serving Him & people with the music He’s given me through: organizing worship teams & leading worship at my home church (Living Word Church), and I’m also working on recording my first album of original songs.  My prayer is that, through the album and subsequent concerts, that God will pour out revelation of His Love upon Lviv & all of Ukraine, and that He will save & transform this nation, one soul at a time.  For years, God has also placed the burden of slavery on my heart, and my prayer & belief is that He is going to use my music and the platform that He will give me through music to spread awareness about slavery & inspire action and change.

LINDSAY: The Lord has strongly laid it on my heart to bless His chosen people, Israel.  Wherever He has me, whatever my life looks like, blessing Israel is to always be a part of my life.  It is my great joy that God has led me to serve Him by partnering with my parents in their ministry during this present season.  This includes helping them build and possibly in the future, maintain Bethel House (a ministry home they are building to bless people – the Jew first, and also the Gentile).  The second thing God has laid on my heart is to be a discipler, following in obedience when He asks me to invest my time & resources, being His voice, hands, and feet in the lives of those He wants to raise up in His kingdom.  I also serve at Living Word Church – heading up the media ministry and younger Sunday School for children birth-9 years old; being actively involved in the youth group and young women’s group; and co-leading an English club as an outreach ministry.  It is an honor to follow the Lord in the callings He has placed on my life in Ukraine at this time.  What a blessing and privilege it is to be used by Almighty God in His kingdom!

KRISTA: Since about 18 years old, I have known I was called into full-time ministry. My heart longs to carry the love, healing, and restoration that God offers to the nations. I want to see generations reconciled, nations reconciled, people reconciled to God, and Jews and Gentiles reconciled. I want to give people a glimpse of God’s Kingdom on earth, fulfilling, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in Heaven.” I want people to see the Kingdom in a real and tangible way – through practical service, through prayer, through healing, etc. I want to travel the nations, coming alongside and serving the local believers, encountering those who don’t yet know God and the life He offers, and serving the Jewish people in return for the spiritual blessings I have received through them.

Loving and serving God is such an adventure!…and He is so good!!! – not only did He show each of us the next step in His plans for us, but He called us back to Ukraine together. We love seeing God call whole families into ministry together, and we’re so thankful to be one of those families – working side-by-side for His Kingdom and His glory. We love our amazing God with all of our hearts, and we are humbled and so excited to be in Ukraine, making His love known in new ways!


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  1. Greetings from Nashville! I have really enjoyed hearing about the ministry that you are doing there in Ukraine. I found out about you through Bria, who placed an ad for selling her car in my paper. Once I found out that she and her sister were going to Ukraine to work in the ministry, I wanted to get on their email list and keep up with everything going on. I have been in Ukraine twice on mission concerts with the Christ Church Choir. It was a wonderful experience and we were so blessed to be able to meet so many Ukrainian Christians while we were there. If you are interested, I would like to offer to help promote your ministry to my readers here in middle Tennessee. Do I have permission to promote your blog and any other web sites in my paper and on my web site? I also have a special communications and fundraising program that I think might be helpful to your work. If you want more info, I will email you the details. The program is totally free for ministries and offers some great tools to promote the work you are doing. Meanwhile, please keep me on any communications list that you set up so I can keep up with what your team is doing. My email address is tom@christianclassifieds.org. God bless all of you as you carry the Gospel to the people of Ukraine. Tom Gibbs

    • Hello Tom! It’s so nice of you to visit our blog – I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading about our ministries. We would be so blessed for you to promote our blog in the ways you mentioned – thank you so much for your kind offer! We will be updating our blog as often as we can…and as we have news to report. 🙂 God bless you, and let us know if you make it back to Ukraine someday. Blessings…Bria

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